How It Works

All of our products and programs are based on improving soil biology to create a suitable and effective growing environment for turf. Based on the science behind larger scale organic agriculture the Bee Safe Organic Lawn Management Program is a patent pending turf care system that will create a beautiful lawn without the use of traditional and potentially dangerous lawn care methods.

Five Core Principles

We think it’s important that we look at the care of turf from all angles and have developed a system that revolves around five core principles.

By stimulating and adding to the existing soil biology we allow your turf to use existing nutrients that have been previously locked up.

Your lawn needs food and we provide it with natural sources of nutrients. We promise to NEVER use human or animal waste as a source of fertilizer.

In order to prevent environmental stresses on turf we use humates, kelp and other bio-stimulants to promote stronger cellular structure and deeper, healthier roots.

There are many safe and effective ways to control pests like grubs without using harmful chemicals to do so.

The more you know about your lawn the more successful our lawn program will be. So much depends on proper mowing, watering and other cultural practices that we always want you to be informed.

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